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Aksu will add more than 2 million spindle spindle spindle size of ingot - 6. 5 million Textile information - Textile net - spinning

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In 2019, prefectural party committee ( Expand) Conference, develop textile clothing industry chain, add more than 2 million spindle spindle, strive for spindle scale up to 6. 5 million pounds. On January 28, from regional ministry bureau learned that area will hold national preferential policies support the development of the textile and clothing industry in xinjiang to extend the opportunity of five years, actively push forward to aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) As the center of the 'four garden' of a city infrastructure construction, industrial project, to speed up the resource advantage to economic advantage, relying on the advantage of cotton base, do big cotton advantage industry, vigorously introduce project downstream of the textile and garment industry, makes the textile clothing industry chain, formed from the spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing cotton garment processing advantages to the industry cluster, focus on breakthrough and dyeing bottleneck, speed up the development of fiber dyeing and cheese dyeing, knitwear fabric dyeing projects, comprehensive improve textile and clothing industry in areas of production capacity, to create important textile and clothing industry export processing base in xinjiang. In 2018, the district actively promote in aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) 'One city, with emphasis on the four garden construction, the new 1. 4 million spindle, spindle realized total 4. 5 million ingot production scale. In recent years, relying on the unique resources of cotton and southern xinjiang center location advantage, earnest implementation of the party central committee, the autonomous region party committee to accelerate the development of textile and garment industry, a series of major policy decisions, accelerate to aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) As the core of textile and garment industry cluster development, and gradually improve the spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, textile, garment industry chain, formed a 'four garden' of a city development pattern, relying on policy, resource, traffic, location and cost advantages, to speed up to undertake industrial transfer, on the east coast textile apparel industry into rapid growth, industry improve the overall quality, transformation and upgrading effect appeared gradually, region is becoming the most potential and one of the areas of textile and clothing industry investment heat, one million people in promoting the employment, promoting economic development, to undertake industrial transfer plays an important role in such aspects of Middle East.
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