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Aksu waffer surplus labor into poverty to get rich fast track - drive the southern xinjiang Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
, 34, aini mamou, aksu area uch turpan, xinjiang is ark rico township village, in March, he from a farmer to a textile enterprise employees, quickly into a group leader, in the 'triple jump' and a half years to complete. In 2015, locating in aksu textile industry in the city of aksu waffer color spinning co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the aksu waffer) With the local government 1 million ingot color spinning industrial park project agreement, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, is expected to realize annual output value of 5 billion yuan, after the completion of 10000 jobs. Aini mamou, is one of the beneficiaries. Because the family is much less, economic nervous, he decided to go out to work. After company pre-service training for a period of time, he soon became skilled technical workers, have 3000 yuan every month wages, 'one month income and half a year of farming income, almost home owe 10000 yuan loans are paid off. 'And, aini mamou, 2, 5000 local people have a stable job and income for this project. At first many people are reluctant to leave the village to company work, aksu waffer commitment to employees is mean monthly salary of 3000 yuan, and to provide insurance for urban employees, free skills training, etc. , finally let them move. Aksu waffer was founded in 2010, headquartered in shenzhen. Company's existing 80000 mu of cotton, spinning factory 10, dye house 3, more than 30 cotton ginning mill, the products are exported to southeast Asia and all over the country. Advanced training development manager peng witnessed this project take root in aksu, 'choose the aksu, because of shortage of labor in the coastal area, the second is high-quality cotton enterprises after the resources and location advantage of through central Asia, third, various preferential policies granted by the state. 'In recent years, relying on the cotton of aksu area resources and geographical advantages, comprehensively promote the development of labor-intensive industries, the textile and garment enterprises as the main channel of promoting organised transfer employment. For enterprises to invest in building subsidies for pre-job training, employee social insurance subsidies, subsidies, subsidies jobs and mainland talents, product preferential freight subsidies and policy support. 'Our company is labor-intensive enterprises, labor demand is big, can meet the demands of aksu textile industrial city. 'Advanced peng said, relative to the orders, the company is with the skill of the industrialization of shortage of the employees. Surplus labor due to ethnic differences such as language, habits, employment concept, there are mans difficulties in the transformation into modern industrial workers, and therefore the company attaches great importance to the language and skills training to employees. Government departments on a series of supporting measures for peng advanced 'too-big-to-fail' : the local human resources and social security bureau organization free vocational colleges and universities, all kinds of training institutions to carry out the textile and garment industry transfer employment concentration training; Aksu textile industrial city to form a 'transfer of employment service stations', and is equipped with lead cadre, help responsible for living allowance for employees in need etc. All the preferential policies with the local business environment continue to improve, continue to implement, aksu waffer jump-start the surplus labor in south xinjing region out of poverty to get rich fast lane. So far, the company has completed 630000 ingot production of colored spun yarn, absorb the employment of 5300 people, including inputting tent card poor 1070 people, more than 90% of the employees for the local ethnic minorities. 'A large number of recruiting employees with good local minorities, is whether we can really integrate into local enterprise, realize the healthy development of. 'Recruit workers in xinjiang aksu waffer decision, enterprise is not lower than 70%. In addition, in order to ensure the rural surplus labor to 'turn concluded, stability, good work', aksu waffer build ShuanXin retention environment, new employees of singles, couples room, cultural recreation room, actively create a good living conditions for the worker; Dormitory according to the standard equipped with TV set, water heater, wardrobe, bedding, etc. , the employee can pack a check-in. Aksu waffer reporter understanding, in the future, will be in the form of 'headquarters + satellite factory', using the idle workshop and all kinds of field, factory, workshop building for poverty alleviation in the countryside surplus labor dense township, rural, unable to farmers and herdsmen working away from home, can not only take care of their family, and able to work, to achieve 'no can earn money from home'.
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