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Aksu textile industrial city new spinning more than 1 million ingot size - this year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
New yarn size more than 1 million pounds, all kinds of loom 1000 units, 30 million textile ( Set) It is held on January 3, 2019 aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) Departments ( Expand) Know about at the meeting. Aksu textile industrial city (this year Development zone) Comprehensive implementation of the party central committee with comrade xi for the core governance strategies of xinjiang, the autonomous region party committee '1 + 3 + 3 +' reform and opening to the work deployment and prefectural party committee ( Expand) Conference spirit, further implement the strategy of '76331', focused on the overall goal, when good vanguard, through 'to the development of industry to promote employment, to stabilize the employment leading precision to achieve social stability and security for poverty alleviation' as the main line, maintain strategic concentration, to strengthen the bottom line of thinking, to ensure the quality of high society overall situation continued stability and economic development, strive to vanguard when textile and garment industry development. In advance the project construction, go all out to provide policy guarantee, advance waffer color spinning 370000 ingot, new jue 150000 pounds, mediatek 160000 spindle spinning projects such as construction, strive to form more than 1 million pounds of installed size, 25 completed investment. 8. 4 billion yuan. Accelerate yue jin textile, hong xuan knitting, jin li source clothing phase ii, in accordance with the yi knitting, new art carpet weaving, clothing, such as carpet project construction step, strive to form a loom 1000 units, home textile clothing 30 million ( Set) 。 Focus on advancing the bonded warehouse project built in 2019 by the end of June, and find the powerful enterprise operation, promote aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) Import and export trade development, realize the nearby formalities for import and export trade. To speed up the logistics park of railway private sidings and enterprise station project construction process. Strive for the central national cotton reserves aksu grain depot project at the end of 2019 to complete the project construction, collection and storage capacity. In investment promotion and capital introduction work, promote the diversification of investment, expand textile and garment industry, focus on the introduction of electronics assembly, shoes and hats, toys, wigs, accessories processing, agricultural and sideline products deep processing and other labor-intensive industries project, actively introduce advanced equipment manufacturing, spare parts processing, such as high value-added industries project, select investment promotion and capital introduction business backbone, by taking part in all kinds of special investment, compound, the exhibition going for years to sign a batch of, a batch of landing, reserve a number of projects, diversified industrial investment zero breakthrough, capital of 5. 8 billion yuan investment in place. In terms of optimization of business environment, firmly establish a grasp service enterprise is the economic development of consciousness, the full implementation of the regional service enterprise management approach ( Trial) ', focus on the operation enterprise services, carry out research enterprise normalized, help solve the difficulty, enterprise production elements in a timely manner to carry out the product out of xinjiang, pre-service training, social insurance subsidies and other various preferential policies to support enterprises bigger and stronger to do best, advance aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) High quality and economic development. Further improve supporting preferential policies, to revise the aksu region development of textile and garment industries supporting the preferential policy, Trial) ', timely cash investment preferential policy, improve the government, enterprises two-way integrity performance. Strengthen the co-ordinated services departments, form the division of responsibility, coordination and cooperation and jointly promote the working pattern, simplify the process, to realize 'up to run a'.
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