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After rising labor cost less cotton futures listed companies encounter many problems - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Domestic cotton spot trading since September tend to be more active, price change, climbing, represented by cotton, combed C32s, prices have risen nearly since September 500 yuan/ton, record the half-year. Investigate its reason basically has the following several aspects: one is the cost of cotton is expected. 3 - Threw the store during the August store present the downward trend of adjustment, the average price for FangQi using low national cotton reserves with cotton yarn cost to create the good conditions; In September the national cotton reserves since the New Deal, behind store sell-through rate has been high, and rising prices. More importantly, after throwing store at the end of September, before the next march behind store bonus will no longer exist, and the cost of the crop expectations are not low, seed cotton prices & other A rising tide lifts all boats & throughout; Spinning costs are expected to rise a necessity; Second, most reflected, due to environmental factors, current cotton yarn costs more, such as a paper tube rose 0. More than 10 yuan, 60-1 tons of cotton yarn cost increases 70 yuan, the rest of the sizing, packing and so on also have to raise prices, make cotton yarn price corresponding to ascend, 100 - About 200 yuan/ton; The third is & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Downstream of the season, grey market is gradually improving, gives the cotton market consumption warming support. But at the same time of cotton spot prices spiralling, cotton spinning enterprise production and operation situation better? Recently China cotton textile industry association in shaoxing, zhejiang province, xiaoshan district research. This research is mainly to understand the status of the third quarter business, at the same time to listen to the cotton futures companies since going public. In the third quarter of operating conditions 1, two areas of spinning enterprise production and business operation in good condition at present, full production. In August the inventory to speed up the progress of the business enterprise product; In the market performance of cotton, cotton prices, season effect appeared in September. 2, visit enterprise give priority to with differentiated products, raw materials including cotton, polyester, viscose, hemp, tencel, such as variety, average yarn count yarn at around 40, blended enterprise raw materials, cotton consumption accounted for less than 50%. At present challenge 1, the current enterprise labor is given priority to with outsiders, staff liquidity is very big, 3500 - level of wages 4000 yuan a month. The class 3 three operation. Two-child policy influence on employment, not only young women, their family members in the factory also need to take care of their family for departure, hire. 2, in shaoxing printing and dyeing enterprises shut down more, result in a shortage of printing and dyeing ability appears in the short term, dyed yarn, dyeing cloth prices; In addition, according to the enterprise conveniently, fuel costs and the cost of printing and dyeing enterprises. Enterprises reflect the cotton futures listed since 1, cotton futures listed more than a month, clinch a deal is currently not active, holdings is less, the main reason is the lack of downstream delivery subject; 2, the companies said the standards of the warehouse receipt of the delivery time is short, enterprises must organize production in the short term is difficult; 3, since the uptick discount for lack of a specific reference standard, business consultation may not be clear.
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