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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
According to association of Vietnam cotton yarn, cotton imports reached 156 in 2018, Vietnam. 80000 tons, imports of 30. 1. 1 billion dollars, year-on-year growth of 21%, and 27, respectively. 5%. In January 2018, Vietnam cotton imports continue to increase, the reason is that China's demand for imports Vietnam yarn is widening. Since August 2018, under the influence of a trade war with China, Vietnam enterprise's cotton yarn exports affected, yarn prices, loss and inventory to rise in Vietnam cotton imports. According to the association analysis, international cotton prices in mid - 2018 to the year high, after gradually decline, cotton prices fluctuation bring great influence to the Vietnam cotton imports, imports after damping and prices also declined. A trade war with China also caused China to Vietnam yarn import demand. According to the association analysis, the RMB exchange rate had fallen by 9% in 2018, the Indian rupee also fell by 12%, and the dong only down 2. Yarn prices 2%, which make the Vietnam and India yarn than losing competitiveness. In addition, Turkey is cotton consumption power, and lira rate plunged 40%, many factories were forced to shut down, lead to sharply reduce demand for imports of cotton yarn, cotton yarn exports also affect the Vietnam. At the same time, many Vietnamese yarn varieties of competition to the Chinese market, many manufacturers in producing high count to preempt the Vietnam market in the United States also turned to low a gauze, make Vietnam cotton yarn exports squeeze again and again. Looking ahead to 2019, thanks to its widening cotton yarn production, Vietnam will continue to increase imports of cotton to produce high quality and stable quality of cotton yarn, the cotton and cotton imports will continue to increase in Australia.
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