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A stronger dollar can export encounter cold 'silver four' return but also domestic demand - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Outbreaks and crude oil tumbled, European and American stock market history rare drop, a sharp fall in the stock market may lead to systemic risk, many economists say the United States has stood at the edge of a financial crisis outbreak or will be in the new round of financial crisis, the economic outlook is very pessimistic. With the decline of the macro cotton yarn with cotton. As of March 19, domestic C32S average closed at 20252 yuan/ton, down 357 yuan/ton compared with last week. From the point of the downstream cloth, years after the market is & other; Throughout history &; 。 Because of the outbreak of a lot of manufacturer is unable to start construction as scheduled to produce events resulting in the loss of default orders are legion. But the same, those who do not cancel the order and give started to return to work after February 10 enterprises brought a & other; Start & throughout; 。 In the middle of February to the end of February, part of the fabric also usher in a wave & other; Both production and marketing throughout the &; , the performance of the whole cambrayon unit price even higher. But as time goes on, people will find this quotation only & other; Mischiefs & throughout; , in fact, this is the supply shortage due to years ago under capacity and once the illusion. After entering march, years ago order completed about, however, a new single apparently couldn't keep up with. The vast majority of the foreign trade order in the old single undo, new single pending state. Data statistics, in 2019 the United States put up the shutters total 9300, breaking the record of 2017 about 8000 stores closed, there is no lack of among them a Victoria's secret, GAP, such as Forever 21 brand. Plus 3 months after the outbreak of the global outbreak, in their own way outside the country, it is rising trend, in the past four days, the fashion industry basic stalled in the United States, all of the clothing store closed, since last Thursday, nearly all of the clothing company, mainly clothing department stores, clothing business suffered by the company's share price, a large number of shares of the buck. Look at the import yarn, as of March 19, FCY Index C32S yuan spot price closed at 20379 yuan/ton, down 78 yuan/ton from last week. Since January, global cotton prices have been falling off and on, in the process of global FangQi cotton processing costs. Domestic, due to late January outbreak, China enthusiasm in purchasing order, plus outside dish in a short period of time many times the price, lead to India and Vietnam have different levels of default. Some buyers need to purchase any kind of idea, also due to the frequent price reductions, attitude, outside dish volume was light as a whole. On the other hand, while U. S. stocks for 10 days fusing four times, but the dollar index continued to be strong. 19, 102 in the afternoon in Beijing time, three years high refresh. Investigate its reason, during the market turmoil, global companies need dollars to cope with liquidity demand. As long as the dollar shortage problem has not been fully solved, all can lead to the rising dollar. A stronger dollar index, most non-us currency faces passive depreciation pressure. 19 evening, offshore RMB against the U. S. dollar days or widened to 750 basis points, below 7. 15, a new low since October last year. Onshore yuan against the dollar had fallen by 815 basis points at 7. 1075, after briefly hit 7. 11 mark. A sharp decline in the value of the yuan increased domestic buyers wait-and-see attitude. In general, because of the outbreak in the persistence of abroad, in the next half year the whole cotton spinning industry even weaker export market operation. But, external demand is insufficient, domestic demand to fill! According to the academician zhong nanshan, the development of the global outbreak estimates will continue at least until June. At present, the domestic large business circle, textile city has gradually to return to work. On March 13, in fact, much of the business circle, textile city has gradually return to work, is general people, the gap is much less, with hot, busy season doesn't take sides. But the recent guangzhou zhongda textile business circle has entered into a state of return to work, and return to work on the first day in 4000 to about 5000 people, the number of reopened rate of 4 to 5 to, is expected to reach eighty percent of the rate of return to work at the end of march. As the large and medium-sized business circle, department stores, textile city after resume work and restore the prosperous, believe that the downstream orders will have a qualitative leap. Dress as just need, on the other hand, will only delay will not go away. In February, the vast majority of Chinese people and other The cat & throughout; At home, go out less, not together, Jane consumption, clothing consumption cut by more than 90%. In march, some conditions improve, enterprises to return to work, the office worker to work, to start the clothing consumption. But, this year's spring has been disastrous for certain, to hope that the next summer. If according to the current domestic epidemic situation, summer spending is expected to start in April, when just avoid & other; Foreign orders and, throughout the domestic market price war &; , maybe we can wait for a & other; Silver throughout four &; 。
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