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'A big Bob' import yarn is really stressed out - to weaving factory Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Recently, the major character mood insecurity, textile upstream raw material is unwilling also lonely, pricing in succession. This bottom can be hard in the middle of the mill,. ltd. , due to the rise in raw material, on the one hand, raised the cost of production of textile yarn, cotton mills profit margins are compressed, on the other hand, import yarn in the side 'prey', market share has been eroded, when it's a bit before 'after the Wolf, tiger'. It is understood that since early November to arrival, the bonded library of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, uzbekistan and cotton yarn, polyester/cotton yarn quantity increase gradually, main varieties of C20 - 32 s, siro spinning C10 in Pakistan 16S。 OE yarn shipment, deliveries fell, India C21S, booking active C32S air-jet, rapier, some traders port just on board the ship domestic sign has sold out. Investigate its reason, domestic cotton prices rising high, especially on November 10 - 11, zheng cotton CF1701 contract has topped 16000 yuan/ton, 17000 yuan/ton, cotton mills, traders on the spot price 'appetite is big, in the xinjiang bonded warehouse pick up cotton' double 29, 30 'machine,' double 28, 29 'double hand picking cotton price is in 15800 yuan/ton ( Gross weight) , for reasons of cost pressures and market trends, mills have raised cotton 200 - quotation 300 yuan/ton, inside and outside the yarn spreads widened. Yarn price difference inside and outside a widening, the influx of market-oriented nature more cheaper. Is helpless, mills, it is your own home, but only watching this part of the order by yarn from outside, because the raw material cost, there can never 'lose money rob order'. So far, the import yarn inventory rose to 8. In early October 50000 tons, 10000 tons. Qingdao port imported yarn number 2. 50000 tons, more than half month ago 0. 50000 tons, the main sources of India, Pakistan, Vietnam. Zhangjiagang import yarn number 2. 10000 tons, more add 0 and a half months ago. 30000 tons, the main sources of India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, uzbekistan. Guangzhou port imported yarn number 1. 60000 tons, more add 0 and a half months ago. 10000 tons, the main sources and regions of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, uzbekistan, China Taiwan, America, etc. Ningbo import yarn number 1. 10000 tons, a little change in the past and a half months, the main source of India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other places. Shanghai port imported yarn number 1. 10000 tons, more add 0 and a half months ago. 10000 tons, the main source of India, Pakistan and the United States. Tianjin port imported yarn number about 0. 10000 tons, a little change in the past and a half months, the main source of Pakistan, Vietnam. In mid-november, arrived India C21S, C32S, JC32S offer 2 respectively. 43 - 2. $45 / kg, 2. 55 - 2. $60 / kg, 2. 85 - 2. $90 / kg ( CNF price) The price increased to 1000 - both inside and outside, yarn 1200 yuan/ton, attract Chinese buyers order. Expected to 11 - December port outside yarn number or will continue to increase, love domestic mills. The 'on' enterprises of raw materials, downstream of the stop and so on, perhaps, listen to the voice weaving enterprises, raw materials, after all, brutal price increases, will only reduce the incentive to produce downstream, in the long run it will adverse effects on the market late, definitely not capable of sustained development of a long-term plan!
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