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60% raw materials imported from China, Vietnam has launched an investigation into China textile materials! What circumstance? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Textile industry is developing rapidly in recent years, Vietnam, in 2018, has become the second only to China, India, the world's third largest textile exporter. But in 2019, the Vietnam textile exports, although the increase, but was only $39 billion, failed to reach a target of $40 billion. This year because of the influence of the outbreak, the problem of Vietnam's textile industry, the annual target of $42. 5 billion and is expected to cannot be reached. But at this point, rely on China's raw materials Vietnam but do surprise textile raw materials in China. Latest: 60% dependent on China launched an investigation into Vietnam textile raw materials in China, what circumstance? According to the department of trade and industry in Vietnam recently released/QD - 1079 BCT decision shows that Vietnam will be from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the textile raw material - — Part of polyester fiber (long Also known as filament yarn) A survey. The survey mainly by leading in the industry, the application of Vietnam. It is understood that although the industry leading occupied 67 polyester filament production of Vietnam. 4%, yet still compete from China, India and other countries of similar products. Therefore, the enterprises hope that through investigation to reduce from other markets such as China's competitive advantage, eventually achieve the goal of development in Vietnam. Although Vietnam country can produce filament yarn 350000 tons a year, while the domestic demand is 270000 tons, only can fully meet the domestic demand. But since Vietnam products have little competitive advantage in their own country, Vietnam long-term dependence on imported polyester filament, and even foreign dependence increased year by year. According to Vietnam, according to data from the General Administration of Customs of this kind of products imported from 15 in 2017. 40000 tons, gradually increased to 18 in 2019. 50000 tons, of which the highest dependence on China. According to statistics, Vietnam in 2019, China firmly occupy 60% of Vietnam imported fabrics and 55% of the fiber market. Vietnam textile and apparel association ( VITAS) Also reveal that Vietnam is very dependent on China, chairman of the raw materials, says Vietnam textile 55 - 60% of all raw materials supplied by China, especially in the clothing raw materials, yarn, fabric and other main imports from China. Depend so much on China under the condition of raw materials in Vietnam, why Vietnam launched an investigation into raw materials in China? Vietnam textile industry problem: constantly worried about China's raw material is broken for February, march, concerns about Europe and the United States withdrew single and Vietnam in China at this time by the survey of textile raw materials, mainly is because in recent months in Vietnam's textile industry problems, Vietnam also hope to take this opportunity, we will vigorously support domestic enterprises, reduce the dependence on raw materials of China and other countries, in order to later no longer appear in February. China in February after a delay to return to work, when the Vietnam textile industry is facing a serious shortage of textile raw materials because of this problem. At that time, the Vietnam textile and apparel association ( VITAS) Chairman, said even Vietnam textile industry at the end of march can't import raw materials from places such as China, April many companies will have to shutdown. However, as China's success in controlling outbreaks, resume work rate is rising, the end of February, China has restored most of the raw material supply, which greatly the Vietnam emergencies. A wave not flat, however, something new. March, compound for in China, Vietnam finally need not trouble due to the shortage of raw materials, is going to step up production, as the center of the global outbreak of European and American enterprises and single back to Vietnam. According to the Vietnam textile and apparel association ( VITAS) Vice chairman, as Vietnam's two largest export market of textiles, the European Union and the us client has successively withdrew single or delay in delivery of the phone. Due to two main European and American market sharply reduced demand, according to Vietnam, is expected to first and second quarter of 2020, Vietnam's exports to the eu's fell 8%. Many Vietnam textile company in planning to reduce production line and started to pay cut to reduce working hours to reduce costs, to cope with the possible large-scale single phenomenon.
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