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2019 'yue four yarn prices rise and fall' dilemma - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
In April, the domestic yarn prices stabilise, textile companies were established in the spring/summer orders, most manufacturers market optimism for the future, but peripheral negative remained. Shandong liaocheng region yarn market is not exceptional also, only to maintain a stable rise cannot. Saying 'yue four', but this year the yarn market underperformance, liaocheng area yarn prices are still weak in March, April for stable operation. Local general comb ring spun 32 quoted price 23100 yuan/ton, price 24000 yuan/ton, 40 air spinning 21 of 17800 yuan/ton, 24 18000 yuan/ton, the current shipment. The American market more empty factors, yarn prices fall dilemma. Negative: yarn futures. This week, zheng cotton futures down low, low CY1905 contract on Thursday morning close to 23915 yuan/ton, compared with yesterday's closing price fell 195 yuan/ton, CY1909 contracts at close to 24830 yuan/ton, down 180 yuan/ton; Had a slow start to the downstream, yarn inventory pressure; Sino-us trade negotiations more uncertain factors, export orders dropped sharply, / textile enterprises. Bullish factors: 800000 tons of imports of cotton slip quasi tax quota is issued, but small textile enterprises limited claim, insufficient amount of seed cotton, cotton prices strong, liaocheng gaotang district level 3 cotton ex-factory price is in 15500 yuan/ton, the yarn price forming a certain support. Season conversion, textile enterprises will also usher in a certain number of spring and summer orders, market expectations. Peripheral long-short factors under the battle, the yarn market temporary stability, still need to pay close attention to the downstream market demand change, does not exclude the local fluctuation adjustment operation.
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