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2019 yarn quality technology BBS will be held in suzhou, China - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Since 2018, the cost factors, environmental requirements increase, the appreciation of the renminbi, rising sino-us trade friction over and over again, for the development of the textile industry adds to the uncertainty and complexity. China's textile industry status of international division of labor, investment, layout structure also quietly change is important. In 2019, the change in the situation of mixed characteristics that textile industry supply side structural reform and the importance of quality development further, attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation, keep up with the market demand change, into the industrial chain system of value enhancement, product differentiation positioning and cost management, using the technology upgrading, optimizing designed pieces of equipment, auxiliary equipment, optimize product quality control and management, improve production efficiency and product quality, be spinning enterprises to cope with risks and meet opportunities broken direction. In the face of new market situation, March 21 ~ 23, & other; Throughout the 16th yarn quality and technology of China BBS &; Will be held in suzhou. The meeting of the national cotton textile science and technology information center, the journal club sponsored, cotton textile technology to & other; The mass. Broken & throughout; As the theme, industry association will be invited to the leadership, university professors, top executives and technical authority FangQi and characteristics, ac concrete of different types of enterprise production management, quality improvement, nearly 1000 technology leaders and representatives of 300 spinning and industrial chain related enterprises, will meet in suzhou, share the achievements of technology and looking for a new change of spinning enterprise broken. The conference site which highlights will be? Let's now. Two release in this constantly hear & other; Confusion & throughout; 、“ Close the door & throughout; Words such as in the winter, how to grasp the basic enterprise quality, to meet the uncertainty of 2019? By integrating research data, the cotton spinning enterprise, inventory, comb, research results will appear on the assembly in the following ways: 1. Release & other; Throughout 2019 cotton quality technology & keyword; 2. The 2019 cotton quality, technical development trends report 3. Analytical & other; Throughout 2019 cotton spinning enterprise direction &; Two days dry wuxi YiMian, big born in jiangsu, suzhou black silk ribbon, and a number of top in nantong double wong FangQi technology executives, association leadership at all levels, senior industry experts, professors, and product characteristics, management features, do share market has the characteristics of the characteristic, head of the enterprise, innovation trend, probe into 2019 quality, and the way of broken. Textile industry association, China cotton textile association of science and technology information center, well-known colleges and universities, and members of the institution, a think-tank, the industrial chain upstream and downstream, on behalf of the enterprise in-depth spinning enterprises how to find potential and broken. White shark clothing, wuxi two rubber, rieter ( China) , pinter yuhua, Qingdao global group, chongqing, shaanxi gold wing ventilation, golden cat, Qingdao textile machinery, such as expert research and development production enterprise, key-module cover spinning equipment optimization, the selection of intelligent devices, enterprise product testing and the digital process control, from theory to guide practice. Two collision from the raw material, production, research and development, market multiple dimensions, such as several large coffee thoughts, views collision, analyze the development trend of yarn products, intellectual brought the yarn quality and spinning technology, discusses the way of the quality of the broken under the new pattern. The conference will be two brainstorm: 1. “ Wisdom & throughout; The future talk show 2. “ Quality & throughout; Lead the future large depth of the bully pulpit to visit in order to use more stereo, intuitive visual Angle, feel successful details of outstanding enterprises, to grasp the FangQi innovation course, to touch the industry look like in the future. The meeting will be organized to visit suzhou nylon cotton co. , LTD. , the regenerated cellulose fiber yarns areas of the world's biggest production base of. Multiple points BBS China yarn quality development summit: 100 + well-known domestic textile enterprises high-level participation, discuss the way of the high quality mutual coordination development, launch industry high quality development alliance. The journal editorial board and enlarged meeting: cotton textile technology academy show industry head wisdom, journal of how industry responsibility, editorial board and opening wider to the outside inclusive conference, wide open, and seek common development. “ Cotton textile technology & middot; White shark & throughout; 'Carding album' editorial board: field higher-ups to discuss carding technology, experience sharing industry technology progress. Interactive participation in the BBS and other Technical exchanges and answer questions & throughout; , professor invited domestic textile colleges and universities, the domestic practical spinning experts, first-class textile companies such as general more than 10 experts, the scene to solve the representatives put forward the technical problems, help the enterprise to solve the practical difficulties encountered in the process of spinning production. Multi-dimensional display textile machinery and equipment products exhibition, 50 + textile machinery equipment manufacturers products, most complete shows the latest equipment, equipment annual results. “ Chun & middot; New & throughout; The first docking cotton spinning technology innovation achievement exhibition, the selection of 60 + innovation achievements, the full display industry adapted to production, quality, research and development of technological innovation achievements, for the representatives innovation provides the exchange of learning platform.
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