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2018 China wool textile trade fair will be held in puyuan sweater innovation park - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
2018 China wool textile trade fair ( Hereinafter referred to as: PRIME 2018). Will be held in China puyuan sweater innovation park. PRIME 2018 is China wool textile industry association, China animal by-products circulation association, zhejiang huaxin industrial group. Fair time is April 18 ~ 19, the fair aims to 'benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises of industrial cluster service' for the purpose, strive to break through the existing industry chain, to realize the coordination of regional industry manufacturing and gear upgrades, open up new development space for puyuan sweater industry. Organizers said: PRIME 2018 exhibition area of 4000 square meters, has brought together from Inner Mongolia, hebei, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong and other provinces, autonomous regions hundreds of enterprises to participate in wool spinning raw material, yarn, fabric. Exhibits include special animal fiber and raw products such as wool, cashmere, yarn, woolen fabrics and other products. Especially this year, industry cluster and industry organization group exhibition quantity are increased. 'Chinese cashmere textile city' total in hebei province, 'China wool textile industry base' in hebei province nangong, 'Chinese famous town of the villi carding' hebei nangong reed head town, 'China's cashmere industry city' dongsheng district of ordos city of Inner Mongolia, 'the Chinese wool textile industry innovation development pilot area' model of Inner Mongolia right flag, 'mount tai' colorful cloth town in xintai city in shandong province west ZhangZhuang Town features such as wool textile industry cluster and xinchangxian wool textile industry association of zhejiang province and Inner Mongolia bayinnaoer city industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises association, the association of Australia alpacas, tongxiang city, zhejiang province puyuan town - - - - - - - CX headquarters institutions such as creative design takes the form of brand product concentration appeared in participation, expand the influence in the industry. Well-known villi enterprises with the exhibition platform to develop the market. The active participation of many of last year, enterprises using the exhibition platform, to puyuan and buyers show their special products in the industry. Particularly well known in the industry - — Zhejiang Bai Zhongwang wool industry co. , LTD. , jiangsu zhongfu beauty of science and technology co. , LTD. , hebei fine cashmere textile technology co. , LTD. , hebei kind of cashmere products co. , LTD. , and other enterprises will bring their own special products to participate in the exhibition. In addition, engaged in textile auxiliaries enterprises -- — Hebei more weikang auxiliaries co. , LTD. , jiaxing, chemical co. , LTD will carry self-help research and development production of washing shrinkage agent, softening agent, smoothing agent, fixing agent, leveling agent, to float color agent such as agent to participate in the exhibition, the product used in wool spinning, cotton, jute spinning and chemical fiber, and other fields, the current market space is very large. About hot spot of this exhibition is the first exhibition of Inner Mongolia bayinnaoer city - The industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises association. According to the association of chief introduction: this association will lead the local ten leading enterprises to participate in the exhibition, actively expand in zhejiang and jiangsu fluff market, industrial clusters intensify cooperation, actively solve the problem of local fluff market sales. PRIME 2018 professional audience involve puyuan wool knitting clothing enterprise, town around honghe town, jiaxing and jiangsu market, industrial clusters, wool textile enterprises, promote the woolen upstream and downstream enterprises and many of the small micro enterprises within the cluster docking trading platform in the industry of construction.
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