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2016/17 beauty blossoming - cotton exports Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
2016/17 in the past 11 months, American cotton exports shipped quantity increased by more than 70%, according to current progress, American cotton shipped quantity will reach the USDA forecast of 315. The second high 70000 tons, a record. American cotton export destination is very broad, this year 25 export area, there are 20. Of the top ten largest export market, only Mexico and Turkey did not appear strong growth. Mexico's cotton consumption continues to decline, and American cotton accounts for almost 100% of the cotton imports, so the cotton growth in exports to Mexico were limited. American cotton to Turkey's export growth is limited by Turkey's cotton output increase, the country's import demand to fall by more than 25%. After recovery from the global view, global cotton consumption, cotton import needs only a slight increase, American cotton exports strong extend American cotton in many market share. Vietnam is expected to continue to be a beautiful cotton export market, the largest U. S. cotton exports rose 70% year-on-year to Vietnam, the country's import demand continues to increase, the market share of its imported cotton continues to expand, is expected to reach 60% this year. Vietnam textile and cotton continue to increase support for American cotton strong exports to Vietnam. In addition, American cotton in China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, the shipped quantity is almost three times in the same period of last year, accounting for the above a few countries of cotton imports a significant increase in the market share of exports to China grew by 200%, this year China became American cotton, the second largest export market.
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