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2015 China ( Jiangxi) In at the opening - jute spinning international fair Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Jiangxi network station on November 6 at ( The reporter a good bartender) On November 6, 2015 China ( Jiangxi) International jute spinning exposition opened in xinyu. The hemp expo is for the purpose of construction of 'ecological jiangxi, fashion MaYi', all-round display textile industry development achievements, spread the Chinese culture of jute spinning, to 'professional, innovation, vogue and internationalization, clustering' development. The jute spinning exposition jute spinning products trading platform, production, project docking platform and jute spinning products and textile clothing trends publishing platform into an organic whole, exhibitors include hemp cultivation, processing and production, finished products, fabrics, accessories, clothing accessories, household products, equipment manufacture and so on a series of management and research on the whole industry chain enterprises, become the domestic and international jute spinning industry to strengthen industry cooperation and seek common development. Exhibitors with 70 exhibitors from jiangxi, jiangsu, hunan, hubei, xinjiang and heilongjiang, zhejiang, hebei and so on more than ten provinces and cities. MaXie Japan and South Korea, Egypt and other countries have sent representatives to attend. The main exhibition hall is equipped with 68 standard booths and six space-unit, main display textile fabric, linen textile terminal products. Also is equipped with two cultural galleries, main show grass cloth embroidery and grass cloth calligraphy art; Edna MaYi amorous feelings street has arranged 38 brand clothing display stand. In addition, there are more than 350 textile and garment companies to come to the exhibition, talks, the total number of more than 800 people. Ma also held during the 2016 China jute spinning trends released show; Jiangxi jute spinning industry promotion and jute spinning industry cooperation project signing ceremony. 2015 textile industry peak BBS; 2015 'Edna cup' textile product design contest site selection; Exposition and reception banquet 2015 'Edna cup' contest of textile product design awards; In jiangxi province, the fourth arts and crafts 'cuckoo awards; Ministry of industry and textile industry symposium 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' development planning and other related activities. It is understood that China ( Jiangxi) International jute spinning exposition held in at two consecutive terms from three points: one is at jute spinning has a long history, profound cultural background, in the summer of embroidery was added to the list of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects, Second, the industry gathered advantages highlighted, already formed from ramie planting to semi-finished products and finished products at the production and distribution of complete industry chain; Three is the research and development of jute spinning industry leading technology, at with jute spinning high and new technology enterprise, national torch plan and the national spark plan project.
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