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2 t iron door closed city: textile production capacity up to 400000 pounds Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
Corps daily iron door closed on March 20 ( The correspondent Su Jiangsheng) 'The air spinning workshop of our company scale is equivalent to the size of the conventional ring bursts spinning workshop 50000 pounds, the company produces the yarn specifications is 21 and 24. Our company can produce specifications 10 to 32 yarn, according to customer demand production of the products they need. At present, the company every day is full capacity, air spinning workshop production up to 15 tons, a month can produce 450 tons of yarn. 'On March 10, the iron door shut, a new constant current textile co. , LTD. Air spinning factory factory director ming-hai li said. After the lunar New Year holiday, iron gate closed, constant current and new textile co. , LTD. , rumbling sound in spinning workshop, air spinning workshop and ring spun workshop is to achieve full production, products are shipped to the mainland. Iron door closed city new Li Xianqing constant current textile co. , LTD. , deputy general manager said: 'in 2017, the company can produce 7000 tons of cotton yarn and realize the value of 1. 400 million yuan. This year, the company production and sales situation is good, the ratios of 100%, strive to achieve output value 2. 400 million yuan. At present, the company implemented the output value of 23 million yuan. 'Second division iron door closed city around the textile and garment industry cluster construction, promote the transformation of superior resources, iron gate closed, constant current and new textile co. , LTD. 150000 pounds, emerging textile co. , LTD. 140000 pounds, a new rifle textile co. , LTD. 110000 spindle project has been completed and put into operation, the textile production capacity up to 400000 pounds. Iron door shut, new star clothing co. , LTD. , with annual capacity of 800000 sets of functional clothing clothing shop a phase of the project put into use 358 PCS CNC intelligent sewing machines and other equipment, steel doors closed city dextrys cinda textile co. , LTD. 100000 pieces of air spinning workshop equipment has been installed, a batch of textile industry chain extension project has landed and completed and put into operation. In 2018, architect, further improve the iron door close economic and technological development zone construction of infrastructure, the full implementation of various preferential policies to promote the development of textile industry chain all.
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