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2 million tons of business inventories continue to increase - XinJiangMian sales Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-14
Near year, XinJiangMian sales continue to increase slightly, according to the latest data, the national sales of more than forty percent of the crop. In order to guarantee normal boot after production, FangQi first stock is relatively abundant, the current sales market as a whole, spot prices remain stable. Data, according to the national cotton market monitoring system as of January 11, used by the sample enterprise cotton average inventory days is about 38. 7 days ( Including the port number of imports of cotton) , rose 7. 2 days. Calculate the national cotton industry inventory of about 86. 10000 tons, 34% increase over last year. According to the recent e cotton warehouse team visiting research situation, the current FangQi inventory use day at 1 - more 2 months, some businesses maintain in 3 - For four months. It is understood that in order to reduce the financial pressure and the production cost, production of mid-range yarn is keen on national cotton reserves, compared with the crop, after all, still have high cost performance advantages. As a result, the 2017 annual sales year-on-year decline in the progress of the crop. According to the national cotton market, according to data from the monitoring system as of January 26, 42 national sales of the crop. 4%, fell 17% year on year, of which 41 XinJiangMian sales. 8%. According to the cumulative processing ginned cotton 458 in xinjiang. 30000 tons of measuring XinJiangMian accumulative total sales of 191. 80000 tons. If according to the latest data calculation, should XinJiangMian sales reached 2 million tons. , of course, most of which is given priority to with local cotton in xinjiang, the corps cotton due to price change fast pin fast out of the situation of last year, this year the overall sales slow progress. In addition, yarn, cloth ratios decline also influence the FangQi downstream procurement progress of the crop. As of January 11, companies surveyed yarn with sales for 94. 4%, fell 4. 8%; Inventory is 18. 4 days of sales, from 1. Eight days. The cloth with sales for 90. 8%, fell 0. 7%; Inventory for 44. Nine days sales, yoy increase 3. 2 days.
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