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by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
25, 1 million spindle spinning industrial park in xinjiang's aksu city hailida international. Is understood to invest 5 billion yuan to 1 million pounds of color spinning industrial park covers an area of 2150 mu, has been put into production 630000 ingot, plans to be completed by the end of 2018 1 million ingot production. Waffer fashion co. , LTD. Investment in aksu dyeing industrial park with a total investment of 2. 5 billion yuan, will be the third phase of construction, has completed the production of 20000 tons, all is completed, will form the annual output of 100000 tons of cotton, yarn, fabric dyeing ability. According to introducing, the park will build the world's leading fashion design, development and testing center, and through the use of advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, digital product design technology, the construction of green design platform, promote research and development, design and manufacturing capabilities. In the future, in the aksu plate in the textile industry, dyeing industry park will be gathering textile industry upstream and downstream enterprises hub. As textile and clothing industry in xinjiang 'tri-cities seven garden' the layout of the first city, southern xinjiang aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) Is to undertake the mainland textile and apparel industrial transfer demonstration area. So far, the textile city accumulative total 470 registered enterprises, of which 100 textile and garment enterprises, has introduced waffer color spinning new jue, mediatek textile, youngor textile, textile, home textile, kay jin li source new clothing, the knitting, kam weft weaving, red carpet of acquisitive, cognis domestic well-known enterprises such as this, the letter fiber, has been formed 3 million ingot of cotton, 2722 looms, 32. 7 million ( Set) Textile, hosiery machine 1500, 20000 tons of fiber dyeing.
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